Welcome to Kakodo!
Kakodo is a Japanese word, put together by Ka Ko which means "The Past" and
Do which means "Path, Road or Way". Therefore Kakodo means "Way of the Past".
But, since my name is KAare (Kåre) KOnradsen, Kakodo also means "Kåre
Konradsens Way".
When it comes to Martial Arts Kakodo is not a system of its own! Kakodo only
gather the different styles/arts/systems that I am training or have trained, but as individual
systems, not as a blend.
When it comes to meditation Kakodo (Gaia Four Elements Energy) Meditation is a
passive and active meditation system in the making. But why KAKODO in front
of the rest of the name, why "Way of the Past"? The answer is easy. We humans have been to modern, to sivilized, to careless, to arrogant and in no way close to the nature anymore. This is why I
seek knowledge from the different (as we in the western society often wrongly call "primitive") people and societies that still lives in peace with nature, while the knowledge still is there to collect.
More about this at the meditation page, but now you know the outline of it.

Sincerly, Kåre "Kakon" Konradsen